6 Advantages of Digital Marketing for Businesses

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Now, the digital marketing in Nepal is becoming a strategic issue for many businesses. You may see how that could help you? Let’s take a look at the six advantages of digital marketing in a marketing plan.

1. No geographical boundaries

When you we talk about Nepal, digital marketing becomes a real opportunity for any size of business. So geographical boundaries are no excuses anymore. What you can do then, when there is no physical boundaries? See the endless possibilities:

– You can aim for the international market.
– Expand your business in two giant countries in North and South.
– Evaluate the Asian market.
– You can implement a whole set of tools to carry out this quest.

2. Increase awareness of your business – Brand reputation

Thanks to the following digital marketing actions that helps to your brand reputation:

– An effective website that converts the leads for your business.
– Messages posted on social networks relays of your blog posts and your products or services.
– A newsletter that keeps in touch with your business audience

In short, we see your business is visible on the Internet, and we are not even talking about advertising! Even better, your site and your blog guarantee the visibility of your business or website if they are correctly optimized for Search Engines.

3. Generate real prospects

A digital marketing strategy help businesses to develop in right path. How? Following the methodology of inbound marketing, you can follow the following 4 steps:

Attract, Convert, Conclude and Delight: The goal is not only to gain traffic on its website but to generate real qualified prospects.

4. Calculate your ROI perfectly

Since everything is measurable on the digital marketing, it is perfectly possible to understand the return on investment (ROI) of each of your actions like:

– Which campaign resulted in the most clicks.
– Which source generated the most leads and conversions.
– What action has your sales progressed if you have an e-commerce site.

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing lets you know exactly what is affecting your business performance. In the same line, we know that it allows you to dispose of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help you monitor the health of your strategy.

Depending on your objectives, you will pay attention to:

– Traffic
– The conversion rate of Internet users into identified leads
– Click rate on your email campaign
– The number of comments on your blog posts or social media posts

5. Low cost

Digital marketing is cheaper than conventional media campaigns. ‘Only 8% of signed deals come from leads from trade shows, direct marketing and phone prospecting, but they cost more than 50% of the marketing budget’ – Hubspot Study. In other hand, the cost of acquiring a lead through inbound marketing is about 60% cheaper than with traditional methods (Hubspot).

In general, on the digital marketing, whether it is a display campaign on Adwords or content promotion via Facebook, you pay your campaigns in a perspective of results.

Since the beginning of 2017, digital marketing has superseded TV and now represents the first business investment (The Echos, Digital Factory).

6. Personalization of the relationship

Thanks to the multiple data that you collect on your prospects at the different stages of its purchase cycle (conversion funnel). You build your own database with segmentation and even better the customization.

In addition, advertising platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin or Adwords can be targeted according to very specific criteria.

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