8 Simple Tips for Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Facebook is a great marketing opportunity if you know how to use it. And there is no need to go to Facebook advertising to increase its visibility and gain customers on the social network.

Here are 8 simple and easy tips for improving your Facebook marketing.

1. Choose a relevant call-to-action (CTA)

Facebook offers different call-to-action templates to display at the top of your page.

To make your visitors really click on this button, it must always be consistent with your business and your goals.

For example, the ‘Buy’ button seems the most relevant for an e-commerce site, but it is not necessarily for a video game where you can use the ‘Play this game’ button.

On our Facebook page, we use the button ‘Book Now’, which is more relevant to invite businesses to book with us for Digital Marketing opportunities in Nepal.

2. Republish old popular content

Some time ago, one of your blog posts was shared dozens of times and contributed many visits to your site?

It would be a nice idea and opportunity to let it be shared again: reuse old content that has been successful is a simple strategy but how effective to easily generate traffic to your site.

Of course, the article in question must be old enough (a few months at least) to justify its republication and so that your fans do not have the impression that you recycle too much of your contents.

3. Complete your ‘About’ section

The ‘About’ section of a Facebook page is sometimes abandoned by business and organizations. It is often this section that your visitors will see first when landing on your page.

If the section is empty or less content, you instantly lose credibility and you will have more difficult gaining the trust of users and convert them to potential customers.

4. Be reachable

A Facebook page is also a way for your potential customers to get in touch with you, to ask you questions. If you are not responsive, your image will be less or no value to them.

That’s why you must be available to answer them and help them. For that:

– Keep an eye on the comments and posts on your page and respond to them when the messages are sent to you,
– Set up a chat on your page. It is possible to embed Facebook Messenger on your web pages.

5. Use appealing images

It is well known that images capture more attention than text.

This is why you must have a engaging images with your articles and posts. Posting only a simple text link to your article may cause you to lose many visitors.

Choose pleasing, colorful images that have a real connection with the subject of post – and copyright.

6. Do not publish anytime

Posting content on social networks is good. But it’s even better if your fans are there to see them.

Click on ‘Statistics’ at the top of your page and go to Facebook Insights to see when your fans are connected and publish at the best time to maximize the visibility of your posts.

7. Use automation tools

Automating your social networks does not only save you a lot of time. It also makes it possible to optimize your publications so that they always take place at the best time and prevent all the oversights and blunders that happen frequently if you manage your publications yourself.

Here is a list of few automation tools:

– MeetEdgar

8. Make use of your cover photo

Digital Marketing Nepal Facebook

The cover photo of a your Facebook page is a marketing tool that is sometimes underestimated.

Indeed, it can be very effective to customize and update regularly: on the occasion of a special offer, an event, or any news that could be interest of your fans.

With these 8 tips, you will be able to make the most of your Facebook page for your online marketing in Nepal.

Are you looking for Facebook Boost in Nepal? We are experienced and have right tools to promote your business online. Contact us for more details.

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