Why is Video Marketing important for your business?

Video Marketing Nepal

If you thought that your website and marketing campaigns (in social media and elsewhere) can be done without video marketing, think again.

Did you know that a video equals approximately 1.8 million words of content? Or that 46% of Internet users watch at least one video a month with an average number of videos per person per month of 33? How about the fact that 100 million people view videos online every day?

90% of online shoppers report that video on an e-commerce site is important to decide to buy a product.

Some other reasons to consider in your video marketing strategy.

A vast majority of Internet users surf the web and watch video regularly, if not daily. If you do not make your business or business profit from this trend, you are surely committing a commercial error.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google, and is bigger than Yelp! and Bing together. In addion to that, YouTube belongs to the Google network, and it’s easy to see why having videos will increase your site’s ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Google’s algorithm adds more weight to sites that have a built-in YouTube video or not. In addition, your video will appear in the SERP, and therefore ‘push’ lower your competitors in the page where they will be less visible or likely to draw attention to them.

The critical thing to remember is that video marketing is a major opportunity and that if you are not ready to get started, your competition will probably do it sooner or later, and you will push yourself off the page.

Here is a good example of video marketing that shows an activity:

3 good reasons for video marketing

If above stat and statement are not enough, here are three reasons that should motivate you to include videos in your marketing strategy:

1. The videos are easy to understand. Everyone does not acquire knowledge in the same way. Some people like to read content or look at tables of data, while others prefer to view and listen to videos. The videos are unique because they allow people to understand things simply, both visually and audibly. In addition, videos can have a lot of information in a very short time, making it a perfect format for people who want information without having the time to read all the content on your site.

2. Videos make you popular. In terms of communication, too many companies do not know (or lack the means) to present themselves effectively, and in an engaging manner. The video helps you bring a personal touch to your brand or activity. You can show your human and social side to build trust with your audience. It also makes it easier to focus on the benefits you get from your offers or services.

3. The videos are engaging. There are few other media that are as easy to access and view as video. Unlike banners, popup windows, blocks of text or any other form of advertising, the video does not tire. It is watched, listened to and shared: it is undoubtedly at the moment the most engaging medium. Video brings more clicks on related links, increases email opening rates in mailing campaigns, boosts ROI, helps sell more on e-commerce sites, and more. It’s a great way to communicate about your strengths and thus build the trust of your consumers in your products and services.

2 Questions about Video Marketing

Q: Can I make my own videos?
Answer: Of course you can make your own videos yourself. But be careful not to produce videos of poor quality with some music or worse, which you would not have the rights of use. You can use online video creation services, but be careful too, to make a quality video following a relevant and adapted script. If you opt for a free offer, your video will probably be in low definition with the logo of the site embedded in your production, which is still lacking professionalism. There are affordable video making services on marketplace.

Q: Are videos suitable for any type of business?
Answer: No problem! The video shows the most complex things in a simple way. It is not up to the listener to seek out and understand the information, because it is happening before his eyes in an engaging manner.

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