Hotel Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands through online. The digital marketing landscape has revolutionized all industries. The benefit of doing Digital Marketing is low cost and good in promotional material. The ROI (Return On Investment) from digital marketing is much more impactful than traditional lanes, and it cannot go ignored.

What exactly is Hotel Digital Marketing?

Let’s face it, technology has taken over. Long gone are the days of travel agents. Today’s travelers are empowered to do their own comparative research without even leaving their beds. So if your hotel isn’t easy to find online, no wonder your bookings are few and far between. You need to be everywhere relevant online for potential bookings so people can find you in the window when they need to book a place to stay.

Hotel digital marketing, also known as hospitality marketing is being adopted in many forms which include making your hotel’s presence noticeable on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

Social Media Marketing for Hotels

In recent days the demand of digital marketing in hotels has become increasingly high with Social Media Marketing (SMM) which works with social networking sites and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) making the website to appear in search results are types of digital marketing.

Moreover, having a hotel website and solidifying your presence on OTAs (Online Travel Agency) like is widely considered.

Most travelers (75%) start by using a search engine (eg. Google) to find places to stay.

Evidently, you got to accept the fact that hotel digital marketing sooner or later gets you more bookings, better visibility, and of course a stable brand name in the market.

Digital Marketing in Nepal

Our Hotel Digital Marketing Service

Hotel Booking Engine to hotel website
✓ Custom website design & development
✓ Online marketing campaigns
✓ Online reputation management
✓ Engaging social media presence
✓ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
✓ Paid Search Marketing or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
✓ Social Media Marketing (SMM)
✓ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
✓ Property Management Systems (PMS)
✓ Channel Manager
✓ Training to staffs


We have to work on your typical requirement and budget. So prices can be different form one to another project and one price can’t fit for all. However, our price starts from Rs.100,000. Be assured – our aim is to deliver you a high quality and result driven service.

Save time by letting us do the work.