What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing in Nepal


Social Media Marketing or SMM is a marketing technique used on social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many others. It consists of publishing and displaying a product, service or business itself in order to attract as many customers as possible. Compared to search engines, social networks include millions or even hundreds of millions of individuals sharing common interests. This is why it is easy for a company or a marketer to promote a product or any service. Social networks are the most relevant media for communication or the sharing of information.

The Practice

The role and main purpose of Social Media Marketing is to strengthen the presence of a company or organization on social networks. To do this, there are several marketing techniques and steps that should be considered while doing SMM:

Attracting Fans or Potential Customers:
You have to be able to define your audience. In fact, the use of untargeted tactics such as the creation of a link mentioning a prize or a contest may prove to be very inefficient from the point of view of conversion. If you try this kind of approach, you will have many fans but the majority of them will not be interested in what you propose.

Create Attractive and Relevant Content:
Attracting fans is one thing, but getting their attention and interest is another. It’s important to be creative so you do not bother the customer will ideally buy your product or not. Another rule is to try to post new things every day to offer new products to customers.

Create a Connection Between You and Your Fans:
To keep your fans always faithful, do not hesitate to come across them, to help them when they need help with the product. Since your exchange is via a social network, it will be easier for you to personalize your discussion, unlike other media such as television or radio. When your customers or fans have confidence in you, and they are not satisfied with their purchases, you could always help them, as well as offer an after sales service. This will improve the image of the company that will be seen as ‘listening to its customers’

Today, whether small or large companies, all have put forward Social Media Marketing and can be considered as examples in media marketing.

There are plenty of examples to demonstrate the importance of this tool, Social Media Marketing.

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