SEO Expert in Nepal Reveals 12 Tips

SEO Expert in Nepal

Being well positioned in the search engines will significantly increase your visibility and consequently the traffic on your site and your turnover. Here are the 12 tips from our SEO agency to follow in SEO, to apply to your digital strategy to propel your site on the first page of Google results. See what best SEO Expert in Nepal reveals:

1. Create original and complete content

In your web strategy, web writing and the quality of the content is an essential factor in SEO. It’s about text as well as images, videos etc. and these elements must be understood both by the Internet users and by Google to be well positioned in the Google results.

2. Prioritize and structure your content

Classifying your content will allow two things: an easier reading for Internet users but also for Google information of your page. For this, you will use the tags Hn (h1, h2, h3) that correspond to the levels of titles of your page: H1 is the main title and h2, h3, h4 are subtitles.

3. Choose catchy titles

Titles are the elements that will encourage – or not – users to read the content you offer. Neither too short nor too long, they must attract the attention of the reader, with the integration of keywords including.

4. Insert and optimize the images

Images attract users’ eyes more than a text pad: so be sure to name them and add an ‘Alt tag’ so that search engines know what they are.

5. Target a main expression for each page

The choice and attribution of keywords is a meticulous job but essential for a good positioning. They must best represent your business and allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition. The ideal is to find expressions from the long tail, that is to say, which are less competitive but have potential and is a great asset to reference his site.

6. Exploit the featured snippets

Google is working on a ‘response engine’ strategy. It provides the answers directly on the results pages. Featured snippets are responses to queries from sites indexed by Google.

These results are set to develop in 2019. With a privileged zero position, the featured snippets make it possible to obtain a significant gain in traffic.

7. Set up a NetLinking strategy

Whether they are internal (internal mesh) or external, incoming (back links) or outgoing, the links are of paramount importance: they will allow you to increase your authority and the trust of users to you.

8. Create a blog to attract readers and customers

A blog is a significant asset for your website. The creation of content and the regular publication of articles will help improve the SEO of your site and get links from other sites.

Reference: A company that publishes 15 articles per month or more on a blog generates on average 5 times more traffic than before.

9. Optimize your site for mobile

It’s a fact: users are increasingly browsing their smartphones, and what a disappointment when the site you’re on is non-responsive and not adapted to mobile reading. The responsive design is the big trend in terms of creation of site.

10. Make short URLs

No need to write an entire sentence in your URL: it must describe the theme of the page and indicate which keyword (s) it is optimized with e.g. ‘SEO Expert in Nepal‘.

11. Increase the loading speed of your pages

Again, the speed of loading pages of a site is a key element that will influence the behavior of the user. The faster the load, the more likely the user will be able to view different pages of your site.

Reference: 1 second of less loading time on a page of the Amazon giant would earn them extra $1.6 billion a year.

12. Improve the user experience

‘Google Search is built for users, not sites’ – it was the big boss of Google who said that. In other words, Google is giving more importance to the user experience. The time spent on pages, the rate of visitors who leave the page after seeing only one page (bounce rate). So many indicators have become preponderant for Google, neglecting the user experience would be a major mistake not to commit.

Not happy with above tips by SEO Expert in Nepal? Leave your feedback, we will sure hear you.

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