What is Digital Marketing? Why do we have to go digital marketing today?

What is Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

In recent decades, Digital Marketing has burst. The reason: it has offered many benefits to businesses while providing tailored responses to consumer behavior.

But questions have always crossed our minds: what is digital marketing? What disciplines does it cover? What are the essential points to remember for the companies that practice it?

Digital marketing and online marketing

We often tend to confuse digital marketing and online marketing, because indeed, digital marketing is based on the web. But in reality, the latter is a set of practices aimed at promoting business, generating leads and customer loyalty through digital media such as the website, social media, SEO, inbound marketing, data, local marketing and various emailing campaigns.

All the digital levers are therefore implemented in digital marketing. Not only does it create a relationship of proximity and trust between the business and the customer, but it also allows to probe the requirements of consumers to better meet their needs.

In short, digital marketing brings together internet-based communication practices that adapt to all screens as well as to all platforms integrating digital communication. It is therefore necessary to digitize all information media while simultaneously considering a business communication.

Why do we have to go digital marketing today?

It is very quickly becoming a strategic issue for all levels of businesses. Digital marketing includes a number of advantages to go beyond the physical boundaries. If you want to apprehend the international market or develop your activities, you can implement the digital tools to achieve your goals.

Digital marketing boosts your brand awareness. A conversion-oriented website will always give you more visibility. And blog posts that are interested in the issues of Internet users will always win a favor from the audience. The more you’ve seen on the web, the more you will be more visible and your SEO will be better rank.

Digital marketing unlike traditional marketing wants to acquire potential prospects. The goal is to have them come voluntarily just because you’re interested. So you have to attract, convert, lead to engagement, but also retain them. The goal in digital marketing is to attract quality prospects and not to gain traffic on its website.

The Components of Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine marketing

2. Social Marketing

3. Display Marketing

4. Mobile Marketing

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